Adopted Cats & Kittens

Name Photo Gender Colour Age
Ada Female Unknown
Albie Male Unknown
Alec Female Black With White Tux
Alfie Male Black With White Tux
Alice Female Black and White
Annabel Female Black
Annabelle Female Unknown
Archie Male Black and White
Arla Female
Arty Female
Asha Female
Audrey Female
Barnie Male
Bella Female
Benjamin Male Ginger
Bernie Male White and Black
Bertie Male
Bertie - full black Male
Big Tabby chap - Tobias Male
Black and white from haulage yard Male
Black and white Male Henry-manny Male
Black female Bloxwich Star Female
Black female from ettingshall -Skye Female
Black kitten - Aqua Male
Black kitten - Ash Female
Black Kitten - Boo Male
black kitten - Boo Unknown
Black Kitten - Dean Male
black kitten - Ebony Unknown
black kitten - Jet Unknown
Black kitten - Shadow Male
Black Kitten - Xander Male
Black kitten at Sheldons Otis Male
Black long Haired Torty - River Female
Black Mom - Minny Female
Blackie Male
Bobby Male Black and White
Cash Male
Charlie Male Ginger
Charlie Male
Charlie Male
Charlie 2 Male
Cinder Female
Cinnamon Male
Claus black and white male Male
Claws Male White and Black
Clove Female
Coco Female
Daisy Female Ginger and Tabby 1 year, 5 months, 18 days
Dark tabby - Branson Male
Direct re-home Female
Direct re-home Female
Direct re-home Female
Direct re-home Female
Direct re-home Twiggy Female
Duncan Male
Fewral Chap - Socks Male
Fidge Female
Foxy Male
Foxy Male
Frankie black tux, white stripe on nose Male
Freddie - small white bib Male
Fudge Female
George Male White
George Male
George Male
George the Second Male
Ginger Male
Ginger and white - Esme -margot Female
Ginger chap Louie Male
Ginger lad from Perton - Jasper Male
Graham Male
Harvey Male Black and White
Hattie Female White and Black
Hector Male
HERA Female
HERCULES - brown nose Male
Isabelle Female
Jaffa Male Ginger and White 11 months, 9 days
Jasmine Female White and Tabby
Jasper Male White and Black 1 year, 5 months, 8 days
Jay Male
Jayden - Monty Male
Jemima Male
Jessie Female
Jett Male
Joe Male Tabby and White 1 year, 10 months, 11 days
Joey Male
Katie Female Tabby
Katie - mom Female
Kitten - Alan Male
Kitten - Alfie Male
Kitten - Bella Female
Kitten - Bernie Male
kitten - Booty Male
Kitten - Buttons Male
Kitten - Cookie Female
Kitten - Crunchie Female
Kitten - Dotty Female
kitten - Frankie Male
Kitten - Fred Male
Kitten - Jasmine Female
kitten - Louie Male
Kitten - Milly Female
Kitten - Molly Female
Kitten - Sage Female
Kitten - Socks Male
Kitten - Storm Female
Kitten - Tiffin Male
Kitten - Tuxxy Male
Kitten - Watson Male
Kitten - Wispa Male
Kitten 1 Chase male
kitten 2 Marshall male
Kitten 3 Rocky male
Kitten 4 Skye Female
Kitten Albert Male
Kitten Black Torty - Lizzie Female
Kitten Florence Female
Kitten from Gumtree - Bosley Male
Kitten from Gumtree - Charlie Male
Kitten from Gumtree - Sabrina Female
Kitten Ginger - Blaze Male
Kitten ginger - Teddy Male
Kitten Ginger and white - Willow Female
Kitten Smudge Female
Kitten Torty - Ada Female
Kitten Tutsi Female
Kuro - Hector Male
Leonie Female
Lexi Female
Lilly Female
Lilly from Walsall Female
Lionel Male
Loki Female Unknown
Lottie Female
Louby Lou - Donna Female
Lulu - Chinchilla Persian Female
Maggie Female Calico
Mai Female Black and White
Martha - Torty kitten Female
Midnight Female
Midnight Female
Mike Male
Min Female
Mini Male Black With White Tux 11 months, 9 days
Mischief Female
Missy - tabby and white Female
Molly Female
Mom cat - Hattie Female
Mosy Male
Mowgli Male
Nala Female Tabby
Nala tabby female Female
Nero - Hugo Male
Nutmeg Female
Olive Female Calico 3 years, 1 month, 3 days
Oliver Male
Oliver Male Ginger
Oscar Male White and Black 1 year, 5 months, 8 days
Pablo - cross Maine-Coon Male
Paco Female Black
Pan Female
Penny - Black and white Female
Peppa Female
Pepper Female
Phoebe Female
Pip - black kitten Male
Pixie - Black kitten with some stripes ?Female
Po Female
Precious Female Tortie
Robin Male Ginger and White
Robin Male
Rose Female Tortie 2 years, 8 months, 21 days
Rose Female
Rose Female
Ruby Female
Rue Female
Rue Female
Rueben Male
Rufus Male
Sadie Female
Saffron Female
Salem Male
Salem Male
Sasha Female
Sasha Female
Sesame Male
Shelly Female
Skye Female Black
Skye Female Unknown
Smokie Female
Smudge Female
Sooty - now Sasha Female
Stella Male
Stevie white and black from Compton Male
Sully Male
Sunlu Female Black and White 2 years, 24 days
Sunlu at Sheldons Female
Suzie Female
Sylvester Male
Tabby and white - Daisy Female
Tabby and white - Lady Grey(Lily) Female
Tabby kitten - Binx/Archie Male
Tabby kitten - Charlton Male
Tabby kitten - Magic Male
Tabby male -Olly Male
Tabby male from Natalie - Joe Male
Tabby stripe - Lady Cora Female
Tabitha - or Sad Cat Female
Tango Male
THESEUS - white nose Male
Thomas Male
Tilly - Black and White Female
Tink Female
Toby British Shorthair - Max Male
Tomaz Male Black and White
Tommy Male
Topsy Female
Torty - Ruby Female
Torty female - Molly Female
Torty kitten - Rosie Female
Torty tabby - Isabella (Piper) Female
Tyson Male
white and Black kitten Gem Female
White girlie Crystal Female
Zena - Maine-Coon Female




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