Short Hair – – Male


Type: Semi-Feral   

Age: 1 year, 10 months, 17 days

Gender: Male

Colour: Black


Cat Friendly

Litter Trained




Vacc 1

Vacc 2



Connor was found born in a barn with two siblings, he was caught along with his brother Cal and taken to a foster home. Its been hard work getting him to accept people but he is progressing well and will now often come to an outstretched finger or even be known to have the odd stroke. Still hissy but the fosterers are convinced he will get over that as he has made such good progress so far.

We would suggest he is found a home with no children or children who understand Connor needs his own space. We also suggest Connor is kept as an indoor cat until fully aware of his surrounding but he knows the meaning of ‘come on guys’ which is their evening food call.

Connor is now becoming a more loving cat who has started to be around his fosters more and more and likes being stroked a lot more than a few months ago.

Ask about or request a viewing for Connor 

Hi Future Owner!

I was born and lived in a barn until I was rescued which made me a semi-feral, but I am getting better and I’m sure I would improve with lots of love from an indoor environment.

Love, Connor