Short Hair – – Male


Type: Domestic   

Age: 2 years, 5 months, 4 days

Gender: Male

Colour: Tabby and White


Cat Friendly

Child Friendly

Litter Trained




Vacc 1

Vacc 2



Joe has always been a friendly cat and loves nothing more than cuddling up next to you. He has been an indoor cat and doesn’t even venture into our outside pen very often. He is well suited to someone who wants a companion as he loves cuddles and playing.

Joe has been microchipped, worm and flea treated, and also castrated.

Unfortunately, an eye abscess has resulted in Joe having one eye removed. His fosterers & vet both decided removal was a better option than long term daily treatment as Joe was in pain.
Joe’s favourite foods are Purina One Kitten (Dry) & Felix Kitten (Normal or As Good as it Looks). Joe may eat his food over slowly as he seems to enjoy his food when the other cats have eaten.

Joe likes a clean litter tray and can be fussy with dirty trays.

Joe is a confident cat and we would suggest that he is kept as an indoor cat but could be taken for a stroll in a harness.

Joe came into foster from a caring young lady who had looked after him well and was fully up to date with vaccinations etc. Due to a change of rented accommodation, she was not allowed to keep Joe in her flat and was only given a few days to rehome him. After trying a lot of rescue organizations, she contacted Little Paws and we fetched from Walsall back to our foster home where Deb & Paul knew he would quickly find a loving home.

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Hi Future Owner!

I’m Joe a lovable junior cat who is looking for a forever home. I only have one eye as I had an abscess but it doesn’t stop me finding you for cuddles and love.

Love, Joe