Short Hair – – Male

Little Bee  

Type: Domestic   

Age: 2 years, 11 months, 7 days

Gender: Male

Colour: Black




Vacc 1

Vacc 2

We are looking for that extra special family for a little terror affectionately know as Bee ❤ is there anyone out there looking for a challenge?

He is a handsome black panther, gorgeous shiny coat, piercing amber eyes that search your soul, and he does love you but feels he has to test you, by giving the odd swipe now and again to make sure you aren’t going to shout or retaliate in any way.

He loves to climb, play and lie in the sun, have a fuss, even lets us pick him up and cuddle him, not for long, but enough, and he no longer fears cat baskets. He still eats too much too quickly given the chance, and then strategically throws it up on your best throw or rug, but as an only cat, or with just one other, I think he will gradually, eventually, hopefully, eat slower.

He is going to lovely Tim’s this weekend, to start the Tim special treatment – he will then need his extra special slave to fall for him and make up for everything he went through in the first 9 months of his life. If you think you could be the ones for our Little Bee in a few weeks time, please send us a message using the form below, if not, please share his sad little story as there is someone out there who is made for him, we just need to find them, thank you for reading his long story

Bee came in to rescue 10 months ago, a broken little chap about 9 months old, he had been shut in a small cat carrier every time he was ‘naughty’ – being naughty was listed as running, climbing, scratching, trying to get food – basically being a kitten. So every day he was ‘punished’ multiple times for being a cat, finally handed over as he was attacking them…..🤔

He attacked feet and hands that went by him and he meant it, the second he saw food he ate it like there was no tomorrow, guarded the empty bowl like a trophy, then would vomit as he had eaten too quckly. He was broken to the extent we cried over him daily, and not due to the scratches and bites on our hands and feet.

Well gradually the attacks got less, and he started to improve, he was in with Suzie and Daisy who were our other long term residents at the time due to health issues – Suzie got fed up of his antics, so took him under her paw, and she sorted a lot of his bad habits out, and the 3 became firm friends.

Suzie and Daisy went on to their happy forever afters – Bee very nearly got to go with them, he was purring and fussing them, working the room like a professional rescue cat, then he let himself down, after 10 minutes of fuss, he couldn’t resist it, he swiped the hand that fussed him, off went his mates to their happy new lives, and he stayed here, a very sad little chap who had missed his chance, all for the sake of a few more minutes without hitting a human 🙈🙈

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Hi Future Owner!

I’m a handsome black cat who loves to play, climb and lie in the sun. I love cuddles (in small doses) and promise to make our cuddles longer when I know you better.

I need a special family to give me the love I lost in my first bad home, but have slowly learnt in my foster home living with my foster parents and the other cats.

I’m looking forward to meeting you soon.

Love, Little Bee