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utrakFoster User Manual

Version 1.0.0


This is the user guide for the utrakFoster app which has been loaded on your website. It is an active document and will have more updates as we progress with extra modules on the site.

It contains all you an LPCH Admin needs to be able to daily manage the rescue cats.

Please note that this app including these help guides are changed regularly and we will inform all admins when changes have been made.

We are aware that some of the older cats have not yet been edited so name etc. may be in the wrong fields we aim to try and get all older cats updated asap but you are also welcome to have a go. There may be some duplicate cats as the database was initialised with current cats at the time and the import from the spreadsheet may have duplicated these cats, again these will be dealt with asap.


If you have any questions, can’t get something working or find a bug then please email me on

To access the utrakFoster app you will need to login to the admin interface on your site using the login link on the top right-hand side of your home page.

You should then see a login page. Please use the username and password supplied to login to the site.

Each LPCH Admin and LPCH Fosterer will have their own login.

Once logged in you should automatically be taken to the LPCH Dashboard as below.


The Dashboard is your entry page and will show status info about different aspects of the site. Here are some more screenshots



On the Dashboard, you will be able to access all the functions needed to manage the rescue as a Fosterer or Admin.

As you can see we have provided a lifetime free license for Little Paws, this includes free support, updates and any additional modules as they become available.

Future Modules may include

  • Home Checks
  • Adoption Paperwork
  • Automatic Event Prompting (vaccines, boosters, neutering, custom)
  • Cat Timeline
  • Name Availability
  • End2End Cat Management

Any other suggestions are welcomed.

This is the main area to manage the cats within the app it is split up into a few modules which will allow you to manage each feature either separately if needed or from within the main cats’ management page.

We will go through each module in the following sections with walkthroughs and examples where needed.

Cat List

This list contains all of the cats that have passed through or are currently in the rescue, it contains columns for the most common information and has a search box and filter panel.

Add New

At the top of the page is an Add New button which will start a blank cat panel for you to enter a new cat, this will be shown in the next section

Search Box

The search box allows you to input a search term and it will filter the list down to the cats having that term associated with them. There are some relationships like cats who need to be adopted together that will show up if either name is entered, you can search by most items in the cat record. Try searching for Feral or Jasper to see some of the associated searches. We will cover searching in more detail later.

Advanced Filters

Advanced filters allow you to filter the list by Gender, Cat Type, Hair Type, Colour, Availability, Status, Parent and Cat-Family. You can also use any combination of these filters together to shorten the list of cats shown.

There is a small bug with the filters as the popup box looks a little messy, I hope this is fixed in the next release from the supplier fo that function, we will try to add a temporary fix so it is easier to view and use.

Bulk Actions

The bulk actions have no options at present but this may be used at a later time.

Total Cats & Pagination

On the right-hand side of the Bilk Action Line is a total number of cats in the current filtered list along with options to move pages, move to a specific page or move to the end. This is repeated at the bottom of the list also.

List Window

The main list window has all of the cats in alphabetical Foster Name order, clicking on any of the column titles will sort by that column in ascending order, a second click will change from ascending to descending order. The columns can be changed in the back end if a different set is needed, most columns from the cat record can be added here with a few exceptions.

Add a New Cat

This is the largest form but contains everything you need to manage the cats whilst in rescue and adoption. The page has been split into four images and we will explain each section’s fields.

* = Required Field

Enter Cat Name *

The name of the cat whilst in rescue.


Internal reference number used by LPCH which consists of a number for a cat (LP196) and a number with a letter for a kitten of the parent cat (LP196a, LP196b)

Gender *

Gender can be chosen or set to Unknown if the gender is unknown or hard to verify


Age can be entered here in words but this will be overwritten daily by the automatic script that updates all of the cat ages.

Age Band

Age band can be selected but this will be overwritten daily by the automatic script that updates all of the cat ages.

Date of Birth

Date of Birth can be selected from the dropdown calendar, this field is used to update Age & Age Band fields daily.

Exact DOB?

Exact DOB can be set to Yes for a known Date of Birth or No for an estimated date.

Type *

Type is set to the type of cat rescued. Options such as Domestic, Feral, Semi-Feral, etc. can be selected

Hair *

Hair is set to the type of hair the cat has. Options such as Short, Mid, Long, etc. can be selected

Colour *

Colour is set to the colour of the cat. Options such as Black, White, Calico, Tabby etc. can be selected.

New colours can be added by clicking the add colour button whilst — Select One — is the selected option. See theĀ Add Colour page for more details.


This is the main profile photo used in the Available and Adopted lists. Clicking this will open the Attach a File page to allow you to upload a new photo or choose one from the stored library.

Available *

Set this to yes if the cat is available for adoption which will show the cat on the Available Cat page. Setting to No will hide it from all public viewed lists.

Information to follow

Information to follow